Mental Coaching

You practice swing techniques and train your body to give yourself the best chance to perform at the highest level. But what are you doing to train your mind to reach those same goals?

Jamey PolakThe Golf Dome’s Jamey Polak is a VISION54 SuperCoach Alumni, trained to focus on the Human Skills of the game. He knows how to coach golfers to manage themselves while playing on the courses and in the tournaments where they most want to excel.

VISION54 Mental CoachingThe origin of VISION54 flows from a core belief in possibilities, and by embracing the notion that every individual has unlimited and unique potential. We focus on the human being playing golf, not just the technical aspect of the game. We have one main intention, to support golfers to play better on the course when it matters most and to enjoy the game more.

Learn to play better golf and lower your scores with the technical ability you currently possess while also learning better practice habits, course management strategies, emotional control and more. Develop a routine that maximizes your performance potential and holds up under pressure. Contact Jamey to learn more about VISION54 and how it can help you.