FINAL RESULTS: Winter Junior Tournament Series

The Golf Dome Winter Junior Tournament SeriesThe Golf Dome ran a six-event Winter Junior Tournament Series on the Trackman Range Studios over the winter months. Each event featured 40 junior golfers from eight age groups.

During each event, players ages 9 and under played 9 holes, while players ages 10 and up played 18 holes.

Given the success of the 2023-24 events, The Golf Dome looks forward to running the Winter Junior Tournament Series next season!



The Golf Dome Winter Junior Tournament Series
The Golf Dome, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Boys 6-7
1st place – Davis Rutherford
2nd place – Rory Reece

Boys 8-9
1st place – Braden Rutherford
2nd place – Evan Ketchum

Girls 8-9
1st place – Riley Buskirk
2nd place – Grace Sword

Boys 10-11
1st place – Anthony Sarmiento
2nd place – Jaxson Trebets

Boys 12-13
1st place – Chase Filomena
2nd place – Alex Gruber

Girls 10-13
1st place – Hannah Sword
2nd place – Olivia Norris

Boys 14+
1st place – Ryan Creech
2nd place – Dylan Phillips

Girls 14+
1st place – Gracyn Vidovic
T2nd place – Cammy Reed
T2nd place – Anna Phillips