Get Fit, Then Custom Order!

Check out the Latest Fitting Days from Major Manufacturers

Every year, the major golf manufacturers come out with gorgeous new models, all carrying the latest tech. Get in on that action at fantastic prices!

The pro shop at The Golf Dome has accounts with every major golf manufacturer in the industry. We pride ourselves in providing the exact golf clubs that our players want, when they want them.

Why buy golf clubs off the rack? Don’t buy a stock item when you can have a golf club that custom fits your body and game — for the exact same price! We meet or beat the pricing at big box stores!

Get Custom Fit by Jim Troy, PGA

The Golf Dome offers club fittings with talented and trained PGA Professional Jim Troy! Book a club fitting to get fit for new set of clubs on your own schedule! This gives you the best opportunity to see what club(s) suit your game.

Our fitting appointments allows to you be fit for one club, or up to an entire bag full of clubs:

· 1 Club Category (Driver, Fairway Wood(s), Hybrid(s), Wedge(s): up to 45 minutes ($90)

· Iron Set: up to 1 hour ($125)

· 2 Club Categories (Driver, Fairway Wood(s), Hybrid(s), Wedge(s): up to 1.5 hours ($175)

· Full Bag: up to 2.5 hours ($250)

Let the professionals at The Golf Dome fit you into the latest model from your favorite brand, then order the exact club you want. It typically takes just a couple of weeks for that new club to arrive, and then you’ll have it with the confidence that the club is made specifically for you.

You can either book a fitting session with one of our professionals, or you can wait until your favorite manufacturer hosts one of their Fitting Days at The Golf Dome! SEE FITTING DAYS SCHEDULE >


When you purchase clubs within a week of your fitting you will also receive up to 4 hours of TrackMan Studio Time to use with your purchase!

Club Trade-Ins

When you order through The Golf Dome, we’re able to give you a price on your old clubs and credit the value right towards you new ones. Email with your club information and we’ll give you an idea of what you can expect to receive in trade!

Book a Fitting Now

If you would like more information on getting the latest golf clubs from any of the top manufacturers, please stop in The Golf Dome pro shop, give us a call at (440) 543-1211 or send an email to We’ll be happy to discuss any of the brand new golf clubs you might want!

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